I Am Not Afraid Of Your hell

I believe enlightenment is not found by answering a question,
But by finding a reason.
And sometimes reason can be found within the question.

β€œIs there such a thing as divinity?”
This question has given me reason.
I have finally found the reason why I live.
It's not to find love, not to steal,
not to hurt, not to give.

I believe it is my purpose in life to find the truth.
To find some sort of proof.
Of either absence or existence.
Is there a true religion or mythology?
Is there even such a thing as divinity?
The possibility seems to extend to infinity.

Now the reason I search is because no one else is willing to seek the answer.
Most just believe what they're told,
living in fear of condemnation by their congregation if they say or think otherwise,
and living like that, can one truly become wise?
or at least, I don't believe so.

And I will not live with that fear.
Though the words of those that disapprove may sear,
I will stand for those that wish to know the truth but are too afraid to seek it.
So go ahead, preach to me about how my soul will be dragged into a fiery pit,

In case you cant tell,
I am not afraid of your hell!

-The Truth

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the best way I can sum up my beliefs.

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