Symphony of Silence

Listen, I have a confession to make.
I can’t write you song, I’m not lyrically gifted, making that promise was just a mistake.
But when I saw the beauty in your eyes,
I can’t help but start making promises or… in this case, lies…
You just have to understand,
I say whatever it takes to see you smile.

And I swear, someday, I’ll write this song.
I’ll make you smile again,
I promise it won’t take long.

It’ll be a song about you, to the rhythm of my heart,
It’ll be slow and calm as it begins to start,
It’ll pick up the tempo when you and I meet,
And then,
It’ll skip a beat.

But now, my creativity begins to taper.
No chords,
No words,
Just an empty sheet of paper.

I’m afraid that when I sit in front of you,
Guitar in hand, I won’t know what to do.
Odds are, I won’t make a sound.
A symphony of silence,
Until the perfect words are found.

-The Coward

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