It's like a song of the siren,
It calls out, but it's voice is silent
to all but me, only I can hear, only I can see.
As the melody makes its way to my head,
I find a new state of mind, where I'm not alve, but I'm not dead.
It's void of all feeling, brought by emotion or pain,
does this make me insane?
what could I be?
Am I some kind of machine like they all tell me?

NO! I am no machine, I'm still a human being.
If you cut me I bleed, and they've tried before.
what did they expect to see?
Your not going to find wires or gears inside of me!
And what's so insane about not wanting to feel pain?
When It's all you can feel it's only natural to want to seal all emotion away.
And hold your questions because here is your answer.
All I have to say is NO!

I'm not happy, I'm not content, I feel no relation,
but I'm also not upset, not in pain, I feel no frustration.
And when asked "what is it you call this? This song of the siren?"
I simply reply, It's a feeling of numbness.

...This is the closest thing I have to bliss.

-The Craziness

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