Artificial Breath

As I catch my artificial breath,
I realize I've avoided certain death.

Laying back, I look up to the night sky.
My head still feels as if it's floating kite high.
And then I see how the moon shines,
on what I've come to realize are my doomed times.

Ever since then I decided to listen to my soul,
There was so much to know.
I know I got so far to go,
But if I try hard I can grow.

And although progression is slow,
practice makes perfect.
At sometimes I feel worthless,
But somehow I know it's worth it.

Cause soon I'll be able to paint a picture that's perfect,
I can learn to love,
Break the habit of a drug,
release the burden.
I realize we can change,
That's for certain.

So I write this line in hopes to take back my time.
I will reverse the curse,
cause I know I've already been through the worst.
I'm done with this artificial breath,
The air I breath will be pure till my death.

-The Lazarus

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