Mighty Coyote. Diego Garza, Uriel Fuentes

The sun started to shine up again at the horizon of the land. The birds and the lions came up together again with the rest of the species. Their smiles started to appear again. It was long ago since they have been together in grace.


Plenty of years surrounded by darkness have passed and finally everyone reunited.


“Hello Mr. Bear” - said one of the mice.


“Hey there little one”, have not heard of you in a long time.” said the big grizzly bear.


“Well, we have not used this language in a long time.” giggled the mouse in peace.


“I would never imagined we would be speaking the same language again” said a rabbit who started to join the conversation.


Everything seemed to be so peaceful and beautiful. The blue jays were just arriving with a basket of juicy berries to share. The deer brought a bunch of fresh cut grass and the monkeys started to pass around fruit for everyone. They were laughing and dancing like they never did in years.   


“I can’t believe what happened, if I’m sincere.” said the tigress. “Everything was a big surprise for everyone.”


“Oh, it really was a surprise for everyone Mrs. Tigress. No one expected the series of events that brought us here, but I am grateful for them” answered the owl, one of the wisest members of the animals. “This scenario made me clear that you can never know what effect will a cause create. Life can bring pretty unexpected results my dear.”


At the end of the horizon, where the sun was glowing with its brightest tones, a shadow begun to emerge. All the animals suddenly became quiet as they stared at the figure that was getting closer and closer. He walked slowly until he got at the center of the circle where everyone was reunited, exhausted. There he was, the coyote.


It was thanks to him that the dark days were brought to an end. When he had the chance, he delivered a tremendous bite to the back of that old demon that brought chaos to the lands. He defeated his old master for the sake of all living things.


“Mighty coyote, we are all thankful for what you’ve done for us. Consider your sins clean and welcome back to our tribe.” Exclaimed the salmon, who was floating at the side of the lake.


“Oh my brothers and sisters, this is the least I could have done. As I am the one who brought this hell to your home. I promise that starting today and all the days that are yet to come, I live for your service and to erase my wrongs,” said the coyote.


“Coyote, we certainly happy for your return, what happened to you could have happened to all of us. Temptations exist in this world and every one of us can fall, but if we stay together, we will always find the way to stand up.” said Mr. Bear, bringing some berries for the coyote to eat.


Since that day, all the species came back together at the lands of Mother Earth. Temptations did occur every now and then, but no one else fall for them since all of them came together as a family again.



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