My grandfather´s hobby

My grandfather has a very peculiar yet interesting hobby. He likes to spend part of his free time planting trees and taking care of them. But this is not an activity that he does since he was young or something similar, he started doing it little time after his retirement. So it was a way for him to be occupied with his new free time.

Now some years have passed since his retirement and in the way he has planted many trees. The trees outside my house and the ones that are lining around the soccer field in front were planted by him. Some of the trees he planted first few years ago are now of a considerable size and I remember the small they were when he planted them. Some even now give fruits each season, which is a sign that his actions have paid off. This is why I admire him, because in this years he has not stop doing this, what is a sign of perseverance, a good value we all should have.

He shows that the trees he had planted are part of his valuable possessions, an important part. When there are many weeks without raining my grandfather remembers quite often my father to water the trees he has planted nearby our house. If a new tree seems weak he buys fertilizer and good soil for it to get better. If another one is curved or not straight, he straights it with the help of a stick or any other thing. With this and other actions he shows that he really cares about his trees, so he just not plants them.

When I or other people have asked him why he does this, there are three main answers. It relaxes and distracts him, it makes him feel good about himself and he thinks he is doing a benefit over other people and the planet with his actions. I have experience myself some of these feelings when I have helped him planting a tree. Will he continue doing this for more years to come? Only future can tell, but for me what he has done is already an important thing.

I think that when my grandfather passes away his memory will be stronger and more vivid on me because of the legacy he left. One of his most valuable possessions: his trees.



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