He is a good kid without a strong father at home to teach n grow

His mother is 2 busy with neglect 2 listen 2 her sons problem ignore

He feels unappreciated sad and lonely bad advice wrong direction


Trapped in the housing projects where he sees violence n nothing else

Afraid that he may be next 2 be deceased so he shelters inside his home

Where there is know 1 home expect him and his siblings starved stranded


He expresses his thoughts on paper a poet a straight up kid with blessings

The anger builds within with him 2 lash out 1 day and be a lost maniac

Gets bullied at school puts up a fight 2 never back down at any means


The corner boys are watching him they pressure him 2 do wrong n join

Like take the package and make the drop fuck up n your fired a ghost

What can he do outnumbered by clueless dummies that terrorize


The hood is 2 real for him 2 handle where life is a trap that repeats

Get in where you fit in or get put 2 sleep if you disobey punishment

Accept are request get jumped into a dynasty where he has been initiated









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