Born brought to earth with health and a stable condition

Beauty the whole nine yards gods blessings i resemble

Active in development as i grow i observe and learn


Just to remain aware of danger sight to protect myself

Never start shit 4 kicks to satisfy my needs im calm

Go with the flow easy 2 relate 2 i undertand honest


Talented a heart of lion winner if i want it work 4 it

Show the lazy sloppy lonesome individuals efforts

Get your ass up wipe your tears no 1 cares do something


Than i realized i was raised by strangers that i dont know

She said 2 call her mom he said call me dad who am i

Big house all ways feed they gave me hope n compassion


I'm searching 4 answer digging deep 2 find where are they

The person who held me 9 months in her womb disappeared 

Did i do somthing wrong 2 upset your neglect i did not do


I feel hurt inside i question and go crazy as 2 why she did that

If you u were not ready than why did you have me i love u

I dont hate you its life even though you left and abandoned





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