My insanity

I feel my mind slip-slipping...

Each wave of emotion fading into the next.

My random crashes of unexpected mess.

I set the memories on fire and immerse myself in the flames.

Beckoning the darkness to seep out from my veins.

Raw burning pain washing over my body and ringing through my ears.

For once i stand obsorbing everything i am and each of my fears.

The rush flowing through my veins letting go of my obsession,

My desperation of control, freeing each and every emotion.

Feeling now the most control my body has ever known,

Losing myself smothered beneath the flames of my own.

The underlying murmer knowing i should pull back.

But the very primal impulse daring my mind to crack.

Wanting to seep further then i ever have before...

To dance in tune with the disarray of my very core.

Bury me beneath the most monstrous parts of myself.

Tell them i could not be saved by joy nor wealth.

Tell them how it fought me for years devouring my health.

Hear in silent distance my deranged cAcKle

Finally freed from your overbearing shackle.


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