Drip drop

The audacious drip drop of lonley raindrops hitting my window..

Mocking the contrasting thuds of my heart and racing mind..

Mocking the icy lonliness settling in my stomach..

Compelling a shake in my hands and a voice telling me ill never find..

Never find the comforting warmth of loves arms.. never make it to your smile..

That ill never make it to you.. or to beinh anything worth while..

I hear the drip drop, the next droplets settle.. these ones sound lighter and land on my pillow..

The cold feeling races up my spine.. and call the wind from the leaves pf the willow..

I remember the gentle whisper of your breath settling on my shoulder..

And for a second i feel the warmth, and for just a second it isnt colder..

Then its wisked away with the next cold breeze..

As i remember your memory, but youre not with me..


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This is such a well-described

This is such a well-described moment that everyone feels at one time or another. Thanks for sharing 

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Thank you  

Thank you