You can tell yourself that everything is normal, and try to keep the same routine from every other Test match, but there is always something extra special about an Ashes series.

Growing up, you want to play cricket for ufabet Australia in the knowledge the Ashes is the ultimate.

I'm told that, from an English perspective, there is a certain romance to following the cricket when the battle for the urn is in Australia.

Staying up late on cold winter nights to listen to the radio, or seeing television pictures of the dazzling Australian sunshine.

I can certainly recognise that feeling, only from ufabet the opposite point of view. Yes, our winters aren't as cold, and my arrival into the UK has been greeted by rain, but I remember my days as an academy player, staying up through the night to watch the 1993 Ashes.

The next time Australia came here, in 1997, was my first tour. In the first Test, things didn't go to plan. We bowled the wrong lengths and England beat us convincingly.


The next day coach Geoff Marsh made us bowl for a couple of hours off our full run-ups to practice getting it right. From then on - we won three of the next four Tests to retain the urn - I always looked forward to coming to England and getting hold of the Dukes ball.

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