Top Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your American Email Marketing

Throughout the years, marketing companies in Orange County California have used email marketing to convert prospects and existing customers into revenue. When you take your time to build an email list, you will get the ability to reach your audience at any given time. Email marketing also gives you important data that you can use to evaluate the performance of your email marketing strategies and make relevant improvements. Below are some of the top ways to improve the performance of your email marketing.


Verify your email list

People can make a mistake when adding their email to your list. They can provide a fake email or change their email after some time. This can have negative effects on your email marketing, as email can go into spam folders, bounce or even be labeled as a spammer. You should run your list through verification and scrubbing services regularly to ensure that you are working with an accurate email list.


Personalize your emails

You should think of how many promotional emails you get in a single day. People on your email list are no different. It is important to understand that even if a user opens your emails, they are likely to delete it before they scroll down unless you use words that will grab their attention. You can personalize the beginning with a simple hello [the name of the recipient. This will help you engage with your readers to get them to begin reading your offer.


Use emoji

If you want your internet marketing in California campaign to be effective then you need to understand the benefits of emojis. Emojis are effective and fun and you can use them to communicate with your customers. You need to look at the last text message conversation you had and see how many emojis you used. You can use emojis in the subject line to stand out and pull a higher open rate.


Test multiple deployment times

You shouldn’t just send an email to your email list and assume people are going to read it. You need to constantly experiment with different deployment times. You can start by sending the message to half of your email list early in the morning and send the same email to the remainder in the evening. This will help you see the one that had the stronger metrics so that you can start experimenting with closer intervals of deployment. If you find out that your evening rates were higher, then you can break your next emails into several different times to know your best performing time.


Create a double opt-in list

People shy away from building this list because they assume the step might act as a repellant and result in a smaller list. However, you are better off with a small list that is more valuable than a huge list that never reads your emails. If people take their time to opt-in to your list then it means that they are interested in what you have to offer. Marketing companies in Orange County California should use the above tips to improve email marketing.

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