Illegal Profiteer








Illegal Profiteer




Lahat ng pera

Sa renta ay naubos

—baka ninakaw.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited for some sentence structure emendations & clarifications, 11.07.2019:


This is a poem that I made today for contemplating about my precarious condition while staying in an illegal apartment (that was rented out illegally as if it is a studio apartment).   I would not know it until several letters of official legal notices came forward to the apartment (which is supposedly run by a Filipino with the power of attorney to manage it).  However, he does not have a high-paying job yet he have suddenly acquired a Mercedes Benz sports car.  He had continually asked for my rent of $400/month (insisting not to pay with a check, etc.) and I have been living there for less than four years.  We now face eviction and a civil case coming from a different plaintiff (allegedly the supposed real property owner).  Today's date is 11/05/2019 (a Tuesday) & I was also summoned to go to court supposedly yesterday (Nov. 4, 2019) to show cause.  Before this, I also potentially suffered carbon monoxide poisoning (at the end of 2018) & still needed to confirm if any of my symptoms are as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.  That was when I fell to the ground at the apartment door of the converted boiler room/basement partition (on December 2018) while on my way to work & I was hosptalized for a broken bone (as a walk-in patient).  I needed to be on vacation for a month and my job was compromised.  Now, he is still hiding.  

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