” Encore !!”

Can you really see me?
Let me know if you do,
I've been hiding for some time now,
These motions I must go through,


Guess travelling is a part of the show,
Just a rodent within the wheel,
Constant glare of the spectators,
Is what teaches me how to feel,


A factory shell that fits in nice,

A zombie inside without notions,
The puppet master moves my body,
Ventriloquist guides my emotions,


Hours, days and years go by,
A movie stuck on replay,
Wanting to break character,

Yet, unable to find the way,


Keep the applause coming,
An encore for they will call,
Here comes the same routine again,
Until the curtain falls,


A wooden boy with nothing inside,
Varnish that now wears thin,
Numb to all the laughter,
Dead from all the sin,


So when you see me smile again,
Know that it's in the line I'm given,
I am the person inside the boy,
Reciting a script that I have never written....

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