" My Turn '

The violet stains of my childhood,
You passed without attention,
Because then you would have sacrificed,
Because I would have to mentioned,

The illusions of normalities,
I have always held onto.
I found out your little secrets,
Having no idea what Ive been through,

If I could only make you hurt,
Maybe it would only help me,
Or do I just stuff it down inside,
So that others just cannot see,

You lied about your love,
When you sold me out,
Now I carry these damaged goods,
Stuck without a doubt,

Allowing you to hurt me,
Has started feeling good,
I dont know any better,
And I'll never know if I should,

You could have lifted me up,
Out of this wreched rot,
Maybe too much to ask,
Considering you are all I got..

Now where do I go from here?
Back to where I have always been,
The little boy thats way down deep,
Just looking for a friend...

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