" Disintegrate "

I disintegrate, standing here, eroding as the world flows around me,
As time creeps by, its harder to distinguish between complacency and love,
It replays through my thoughts in half time nonstop, over and over,
They say that “life goes on“, and those words are the exact reason I sink lower,

As days pass, it gets harder to remember when things were right,
People usually tell you what you want to hear,
Learning their incentives can put things in place,
Most people are shit, just surviving themselves will become clear,

When the end finally comes, you are alone with yourself,
The word “family” is just a metaphor, for “people who will hurt you for life”
They protect you from seeing what society is really about,
So you never know that with open arms comes a knife,

Their religious ways are firmly in place to justify actions,
Foe weighing you down with guilt, regret and pain,
Never expecting your shackled mind to question,
Questioning why so many lose and so few gain…

To be continued……

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im trying to change my style to something different. Let me know if this blows..

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