"Viva La Mexico!!"

The beautiful land of enchantment,
Thousands of years of progress were made,
Mayans, Incans and Aztecs 
Long before being enslaved,


Birthplace of the cowboy,
Flooded by tourist seeking nice weather,
Cozulmel and Cancun on the beach,
Would be changed by the violence forever,


Blamed on American's undoubtful thirst,
For the product made from simple leaves,
Hundreds of kilos crossing the line,
Countless innocent killed on the streets,


Headless bodies in daytime light,
Cartels trade bullets for power,
Ruthless villians against one another,
Caring not about who gets devoured,


I have seen the source of this beast,
Have got to know some of them well,
Sticking needles deep into their arms,
Slumped over in poor neighborhood hells,


These are the ones who fuel the rage,
Junkies now connected with homicide,
Because of their ways of not dealing with life,
Many of humans have died,


Money corrupts men in their high places,
Turned backs on their country for greed,
The circle of death continues,
So junkheads can get what they need,


Its simple economics, supply and demand,
Car bombs in the cities explode,
No resemblance to the land that once was,
Viva la Mexico of long long ago..

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