The power change is upon us,
Thee afflicted are now the tormentors,
The executioner is down the hall,
Arm up and prepare for the endevour,


The infrastructure contained,

Dwellings turn into ash,
Blinded by hate,
Vaporized from the blast,


Stained by the light,

Consumed by the black,
Forests  become deserts,
Deserts become glass,


Sunshine will be swallowed,
As night fills the void,
Farewell my dear friend,
Slowing sanity destroyed,


Money has no value,
 Unable to mend,
The spirit of life snuffed,
The chase comes to an end,


Foundations now crumble,
Water becomes fire,
Question your existence,
And lose all your desires,


Empty hands of politics,
Never again will set our goals,
Any Gods that you still hold,
Will never save our souls,


Memories are all we have,
Cities turned into space,
Desolate minds go blank,
The faithful question their faith,


For in the end, the end will be,

Silenced forever more,
Never again will we be free,
Just flies in a jar of complexity.


This shouldnt be the way,
Death comes slow,

From the air we breathe,
Enjoy your final day....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written as a (Metal) song.

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