”The Monster”

”The Monster”

Oh God, wont you help me?,
I alone unlocked his cage,
Now he leaves me not,
Ive allowed him to find his place,

His shackles tear into my brain,
Refusing to pull away,
My spirit has been extinguished,
Is this the price I pay?

I call him the monster,
Only he controls my fate,
I call him the monster,
Endless supply of hate,

I call him the monster,
Weighs me down these bricks,
I call him the monster,
But you call him dopesick,

He used to be so small,
Would only come around a bit,
Now he comes as he pleases,
And leaves me in my shit,

When he calls my name,
I must drop everything and run,
For he holds my hourglass,
His will must be done,

This empty shell sits all alone,
If I could only alter time,
Id put the monster where he belongs,
And leave it all behind,

I call him the monster,
And I dont know what to do,
He lives inside us all,
Can you hear him speaking to you?

I call him the monster.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written as a song

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