The other day, for a moment I took a glimpse into a crystalled brook
At first, I couldn't believe my eyes --- all those truths that I thought were lies
I couldn't speak, I jsilently shook as I continued to gaze in the crystalled brook
And the more I saw, the less I knew of what I'd always assumed was true

For hours I stayed and time remained
Just where it was, forever ingrained
Within its grooves and all was still
There was perfect peace until the "until"

My entire life, it read like a book within the ripples on the crystalled brook
Each current was a different page, each sparkle was a separate stage
All the fantasies I mistook for real were shown on that crystalled brook
And that was when I finally learned who I was and what I'd earned

It started simply as a stroll
Just a leisurely walk to soothe my soul
And, as I went around that bend
I couldn't have dreamed of a better end

If you follow this trail, it bends like a hook and, at its end, you'll find a crystalled brook
Secluded within a grove of trees yet revealed to everyone who sees
I can't wait till I take another look at my reflection cast in the crystalled brook
To understand the difference between what's imagined and what is seen

I'll always remember and never forget
That path which led to the me I met
And when fate again portrays a crook
I shall return to that crystalled brook

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