(T. Beechey)

Beyond the wind,beneath the stars, the scars which never seem to heal

Become too real to fantasize for the eyes of those in hiding

Beneath the stars,above the sun we've just begun to understand

The unplanned schemes of yesterday in a way that feels enlightening

But no one knows and no one tells

As the bells proceed in tolling

Rolling in time to the melody

Of we so in need of consoling

Above the sun and over the sea, nothing is free except the price

Of sacrifice and circumstance in a glance so uninviting

Over the sea and under the mist, you can't resist what never appears

Throughout the years and in between each scene that time's deciding

But no one tells and no one learns

As concerns become without meaning

Careening beyond anyone's control

The soul shall not be intervening

Under the mist and through the waves, we're all slaves to what we're not

And all we've got to testify becomes a lie in our writing

Through the waves and across the land, the grand finale soon unfolds

And whatever holds us to our place gets erased by time's misguiding

But no one learns and no one cares

By the stares we're now receiving

Which can't believe the words we speak

At the peak of fate's deceiving

Across the land and beyond the wind, we've rescinded back to where we were

All's a blur except the pain which remains while time is sliding

Beyond the wind,beneath the stars through the bars we all are peeking

Seeking a glimpse of anything to bring our souls to confiding

But no one cares and no one's here

To clear away the remnants

And since there's nothing to remind

What's to find is the pennance

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