(T. Beechey)

To live in denial,all the while really knowing

What is going on within you will begin to magnify

The lie that you are living --- have you given thought

To maybe not continue smiling while you're somehow getting by?

To live in denial,all the while understanding

You'll be branded everafter with laughter and disdain

When your reign begins to crumble --- have you come to the conclusion

This delusion doesn't equal the critique that will remain?

When you count up all the numbers

Yes,we're humbled by your glory

But your story is a fable

You're unable to complete

And when you meet your ending

There won't be a friend to lean on

You'll careen across and tumble

Through your jumble of deceit

To live in denial,all the while realizing

The disguises you're wearing are there by just a thread

Your head must be cluttered with the mutters of your conscience

Since it knows all of your secrets and won't let you be misled

To live in denial,all the while with the knowledge

That all that you've deceived,who've believed in your dreams

When your seams start exposing,those who shared in your vision

By decision shall desert you --- is it really worth the gleam?

When you add up all the figures

Yes,you're bigger than you have been

And you're grinning more than ever

But your clever cheap facade

Is a fraud and you know it

You are only just pretending

And your ending,when it happens

Will entrap you 'neath the sod

To live in denial,all the while anticipating

Your fate at the mercy of the curses and the jeers

Of your peers and your colleagues,once intrigued by your presence

Now resonating fury toward your wearing of veneers

To live in denial,all the while contemplating

What awaits you when what's hidden and forbidden is revealed

How you'll feel as the side you are hiding from the masses

Surpasses what's accepted --- your deception's now an open field

When you total all the cost

Yes,you've lost your very soul

And the toll it's taken on you

Has now gone beyond repair

And there's no one to depend on

For your ending's come so quickly

You can just pick up the pieces

While the ceaseless laughter blares

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