(T. Beechey)

A man I knew named Jimmy Brown lived on the outskirts of town

And,for a while,everything was right till he caught a glimpse of the city lights

He was born and bred a farmer's son,where animals roamed and chores were done

A simple life which suited him fine till those city lights began to shine

Then the parties and pleasures were never enough,so he cashed in his dreams in exchange for that stuff

Squandered each hope for the sake of cheap thrills,then fate took his life in a failed test of wills

Tie-dyed shirts replaced his overalls,mornings were absent of roosters' calls

Which didn't matter since he never slept as he seldom left the company he kept

He rarely gave a moment's thought to what he'd left,what he'd been taught

Those days were now a lifetime behind --- out of sight,out of mind

Cause he lived for fun,the glamor and glitz and he traded his virtue to get a few hits

Threw away his fortune for simply a taste,then fate took his life and laid it to waste

From the moment that he ambled in,Jimmy's world seemed to begin

He was introduced to styles and ways that had eluded his farmboy days

His walk,his talk had radically changed and he dismissed his past as "strange"

And vowed never again to walk or stand on anything connected to farmland

He didn't want the fantasy to end and took all he could at the cost of a friend

Lived it up big at his family's expense,then fate took his life for recompense

Yes,he bid adieu to the family farm then,with his coat slung over his arm

He never looked back at where he came,for the city limits were calling his name

And,as life passed before his eyes,another voice did surely rise

Those of his family back on the farm,intuitively knowing of his harm

Now he always looked to have a good time,so he sold his soul for only a dime

Gave his heart away for merely a kiss,then fate took his life over that miss

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