(T. Beechey)

Some come to be,some come to see

Others exist anonymously

Perhaps they should set a moment free

To take a look around

At a firefly's light on a star-filled night

Hear the crickets and frogs,watch the flight

Of owls --- I must say it's really quite

A treasure to be found

Some come to do,some come to view

Others are just going through

Wouldn't it be a nice gesture to

Linger for a bit?

Spend some hours with the flowers

The beauty of nature in all its powers

From rocky coves to ivory towers

Take in all of it

Some come alone,some come to get known

Others by how the wind has blown

What they all need is to be shown

What is and yet to come

A rainbow's arc,a puppy's bark

As the world revolves from light to dark

And each image is truly a mark

Of where we all are from

Some come to stay,some come to play

Others merely pass by this way

I think it'd be nice if they

Would take a little while

Feel the breeze,climb the trees

Listen to the birds and bees

Just a small hint of these

Would make anybody smile

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