(T. Beechey)

There are certain things you gotta do

Things that bring me closer to you

And you closer to me and us closer to them

Till humanity shines like a brand new gem

You gotta reach for that ring,make a new path

                  embrace everything,let go of the wrath

                  sing a new song,show off that smile

                  hold those times a long,long,long,long while

                  laugh till those tears flow down like wat-tah ---

                  no more wastin' gotta!

Sometimes it's not easy and seems quite a task

That's when you say "Please" to your neighbor and ask

If he or she'll show which way is best

And before you know it,you'll be passin' the test

You gotta go for the gold,make your mark

                   break the mold,transform a spark

                   into a flame that roars and burns

                   shout out your name so everyone learns

                   just who you are and who you're not-tah ---

                   wish upon that gotta!

I was once filled with scorn and disdain

Wonderin' why I was born and always in pain

Then I wiped off the mirror and looked in the glass

And it all became clearer and came to pass

You gotta turn all that hate into pure love

                  don't even hesitate to look up above

                  lift your head high and always be true

                  never,ever ask why and always just do

                  turn up that flame hott-ah and hottah ---

                  and drink from that gotta!

So,listen to me and take my advice

You will not be goin' 'round this world twice

Fling open that door and march outside

Don't look back no more and enjoy the ride!

You gotta hold onto that hand,set a caged heart free

                   carry out what you've planned  to the furthest degree

                   give hope and healing,tell someone you care

                   give birth to a feeling the whole world can share

                   right now's your chance,take your best shot-tah ---

                   this is no time for "can'ts" gotta!

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