It started in the Revolution and continued through the Civil War

In World War One,she was there to greet our boys back on the shore

In World War Two when we dropped the bomb,then onto Korea and Vietnam

Waving proudly for all to see --- our Stars And Stripes,our Old Glory

You see them flying on the poles and they mark every grave

For every soldier that perished for a country they fought to save

And those who seek to burn her never tasted the agony of war

They just don't understand what she really does stand for:

She stands for freedom and for justice and the right to live in peace

She stands for unity among all nations and for future wars to cease

From the tip of Maine across fruited plains to Californ-i-a

We can all rejoice and say in one voice,"We love the U-S-A!"

It's just a simple story of honor,pride,and glory

And a bond of courage and trust to stand for the one who stood for us

A true image of democracy for generations through and through

As we walk hand-in-hand across this great land --- God Bless the Red,White,and Blue

That flag,she's seen us through it all through those conflicts in the past

She stood tall with us in victory and mourned with us at half-mast

How could anyone ever take a flame and try to erase every name

Of every soldier that paved the way for us to live,as one,in the U-S-A

She stands for liberty and bravery and the rights of all mankind

The hopes and dreams of everyone and the time we all can find

That everyone,everywhere can stand and proudly say

"God Bless America,

"God Bless America,

"God Bless America,U-S-A"

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