(T. Beechey)

I've been searching for a sign since the day that I came home

But all roads intertwine and in circles I do roam

Somewhere between tomorrows I wandered and got lost

Now I'm wallowing in sorrows and my purpose is the cost

I've scanned the ocean blue and atop each mountain peak

Perhaps it's really true: I'm nothing but a freak

I need to be reminded why I came to be

Instead of being blinded by harsh reality

I've been searching for a sign to end this inner strife

A straight connecting line between myself and life

Who and what I truly am or am I just pretend?

Is everything a total sham or will this tormenet end?

I've been searching for a sign that somehow I belong

Just something to define between right and wrong

Along the way I've missed that I have a purpose here

Or a reason to exist upon this mortal sphere

Inside my dreams I wander through land and circumstance

Pausing just to ponder the secret of this chance

I know an answer's waiting somewhere to be found

But I've been debating if I should just turn around

I've been searching for a sign, a lesson yet untaught

That tells the world I'm fine instead of what I'm not

I looked into the starlight,I gazed upon the earth

Maybe they've been right and I do not have a worth

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