Tryst In 201, While Watching A Wedding

"My O My  You Sure Know How To Arrange Things"  (Eagles)

Missing The Kissing Of My Angel's Lips

If loving like this is a crime --

and I do get the rush of feeling

as though I've been found out

in something very daring --

then which of us in the criminal,

and which heart is the accomplice??

Both of us literally "have nothing to hide"

when we stand so close together before falling.

And I depend on you to be my warm haven

and refuge from the bitter world --

which will never understand us --

and my tongue and lips can only praise you.

You evoke such a boiling flow of praise

from my heart and mind, that I am overcome,

so unworthy of such wonderful and complete love!

SO UNWORTHY of such wonderful and complete love!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fantasy finally realized

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