Before Head, The Nose, And Before Knows the Teeth.


Bleach me your wings and afford not my stay
should cages conform to comfortable play
if proper would offer her etiquette spoons
i'd need not a manual to channel her tomb
accompany me in companionship fleets
spaning horizons in spanish physique

Procrastinating insecurities; inferiority delayed
insubordination ensues in selfless parades.
sologamy monitors and monotone hymns
simplistic composition; the maniacal whims
of ready to work type persons of prose
only a virgin to those who don't know

elongated wingspans landing on bed posts in a single digit, revolving door syndrome.
i caught your smile in safety nets reeling in the last mona lisa from wreckage areas, and auto parts.
Testing bird feeders with molten lava bricksteads hoisted above intangible promises.
Sincerely yours
-Folding chair.

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