Happy Mother's Day


Before i ever knew the love, i have now for my kids
way back before i met the girl i'd spend my life with
you held me in your caring arms and showed me who i am
Alone you gave the gift of care- and held my little hand
you sacrificed so many things to make our family safe
with double shifts and patient words- you'd put me in my place
you never made me feel at all, a burden to your life
even though the times were rough, you made them feel alright
and looking back i'm certain that you did the best you could
a single mom who payed the bills i think you did damn good.
times have changed and apron strings have long since peeled away
you have no plans just simple dreams and take them day by day
so now you play your pogo games and watch your favorite shows
and wait for winter every year just to see the snow
i'm a lucky man to have a mom whose love don't run away
the same woman who watched me grow is watching still today
although i'm grown and wiser now i still witness what you did
a grandma now to little ones with the love you show my kids
I love you Mom
Happy Mothers Day

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