Think Different ( Steve Jobs Tribute)

"Think Different"

We all dream of things that would help the world to be
better through a idea or some technology,
but often times those dreams softly fade away
and we move on to the next thing to dream about that day.

Though sometimes theres a person who makes it all come true.
Who embarks on a vision and works to follow through
then presents us with a model that changes how we think,
expands our understanding, and connects the missing link.

That person in my lifetime passed away today.
He personalized computers, and set them on display.
Slowly made it mainstream, first off - in our schools
then before we knew it - they were in our homes too!

Steve, i'd like to thank you for laying down the road
that led to many wonders you gave the crowds to hold
through the iPod, or the iPad, the Macbook, or the Phone
you set a golden standard sending competition rogue.

Steve, you really did it… A dreamer in our day.
You leave us in your life, but the mark will always stay.
Perfect in your timing you teased us with our patience
and died the day after they announced your last creation.

Rest In Peace
Steve Jobs

" "Think different." - Apple Slogan Circa 1997.

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