So Little The Time ( Caylee Anthony Tribute)

O mother has dreams
and thoughts of her own
how special it is
to leave me alone
a car will suffice
asleep I will go
but where I go next
mother don't know
the woods where they found me
no nanny at all
her lies, and my body
discovered in fall
six months, my picture-
3 years in the light.
destine for darkness -
my mothers whole life.
if only they'd known me
the news and their crew
before i got lost
i'd still be brand new
O, mother I love you
the point of this note
is to say yes, I forgive you
but i know judgement won't

In Memory of Little Caylee Anthony
August 9th 2005-2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written around the time Caylee Anthony' remains were found, but never posted it.

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