White Van

mountain climbing new age hippies

equipped with their back packs,

their camouflage socks

And their kaki docker shorts.

bragging about their adventures

while making hand signals

for another ball on the golf course

like they are too good to even speak


pointless phone calls to buddies from college

just to brag about their useless gizmos

that do nothing but act as decoys

for a boring life hidden

within that guy who's really a little boy

with no direction just like the rest of us


i don't plan to ever give in

and become a cliff hanger

or some extreme sportsmen

just to achieve happiness because

i spent my whole youth in college

planning for a middle aged future

where's there's nothing to look up to

and no one to look forward to

when the looks have faded

you appear gaunt and putrid

give hope a chance

and useless slogans

to motivate fat slobs who are Americanized

and lazy they might get up

off their asses and pay tax's

or donate to charities

with hidden agendas

that force you sponsor some

stupid softball practice

so you have your kids in

the 90 degree weather selling

cookies for girl scout's

why child molesters in van's keep a close

watch and look out

all this, so you can show them

the value on how to contribute their youth

to YOUR senseless business

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