To Ignore An Emperor

Horror, And Gloom

The scent of indecency intended to prevent

indiscrepencies between the incense and the floor vents.

His means were harmless, and innocent in a sense.

Ever since the incident, he feared of  being intimate.

Sin,has Since found him,

sifting through a boredom of sophisticated wander.

Alone, the cold floor.Disturbed and furthermore

convinced that people shall suffer,

and with him he brought victims.

The vulnerable ones.

Detaching life from their moldings,

with an honorable blow.


Shallow graves call for lemon scent disguises

so that missions could be carried out

and indeed they will be,

reprimanded with an emotional Band-Aid

as seeping neosporin heals antibodies.

communication would have been

and should have found itself preventive enough,

but they walked right by him repulsed by

and engulfed while their thoughts shed disgust.

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