The Widows Window

Horror, And Gloom

kiss your soul

for it's as sweet as the taste

you've been looking for.

the only one who can love you

more than you will ever know

stands before you in a mirror.


clouded, the cold floor

of the restroom where you've drawn a hot bath

to soften your already so soft skin.

it's also where i'd slowly then undress you

and wait for you to gracfully step in.


as you gaze into your own reflection,

you remember hearing  me say

" i promise you i won't leave you,

i promise you i'll stay "


a tear gather's in the corner

but you hold it pretty well,

so you continue what you were doing,

and you let your hair down,

     you slip out of the robe,

   and stand before your naked frame

and you imagine my hands  that touched you,

and you can feel it just the same


the ringing telephone,

your friends they try to cheer you up

but you dare not answer because you know

they cannot mend a broken love

and you cry unto your mirror

and you ask over again

"lord why'd you take my soul mate"

but, you're left in lonely silence.

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