Horror, And Gloom

A tied up waitress from Denny's,

who until these final moments of her life

Was a very modest and graceful type or woman.

Gashed open, a smile cut into her mouth.

she begs without being shy at all


a cold 8 inch, stainless steel blade

plunges into her jugular,

located just under the chin

prepared like always,

the whole place is covered

in plastic sheeting,

with little booties over

My brand new coaster shoes.

"i hate a messy job"


what was left of her

after i finished her meat

and devoured her soul was  

but a bare carcass  a woman  

who smiling just the day before

Asking me if I'd like

some more sugar for my coffee.

so kind she was to give her number,

thinking i  was possibly interested in

What she looked like alive.

she had no idea...


i peeled off her blood soaked waitress stockings

that hid her stretch mark insecurities

and kissed her cold legs

taking off my pant's i put on her uniform and

pretended to be her,

to feel her happiness

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