Sparklers For Mary

Word Play

a miracle in the waiting

dissipates a narrated figure.

a single mother and her

calendar of wet dreams

surrounded by tile played

by the sellers that sell in the cellers

who look in her general direction.


december eleventh;A date to remember.

the heavens are under the flames of a relic.

who hasn't decided which way to project his hate.

virgins require abortion-o-matic instructions,

that are given to parent's

who can afford postcards from worldly adventures

with beautiful hand carved oak wood handles

to a stainless steel refrigeration unit

that lengthens the spire of decomposing produce.


opulent Tuesday morning

sounds a steak bone signal

from a green Dixie cup string phone

Ziplock bag ambulance disaster

mountains filled with paper huts.

God bless super glue

or this broken heart would just be

tiffany glass in an antique museum.

interior designed microwave statue vertebrae

mister misses his sister

because she shares her pretty clothes

with his closeted side.


lamp shade, shadow play, cigarette smoke.

the  ashtray razor holds a  blade,

harmonious insecticide.

Leather attached to Star ship moldings

inverted separation capsules

shot into a benign non cancerous tumors

under Shadow infra red

technological cylindrical disposal systems

for embryos and infancy reduction

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