Residential Alien

The popular liars lay their wires

and wait for wanton blight to set timber.

Crimping curls in her mirror world,

Lace on satin comforter

A snare will win it's way tomorrow.

Faith, a time too long.

Genetically apologetic,

for the cursed begotten son.

The sympathetic simplicities set in motion ,

a paramount moment grinds.

A pulled muscle in atrophy.

perhaps this better be my last words .

before i sew my lips together.

and walk towards the cutting board, alive.

Skin on skin, and life within

A popular waiting trap seeks his reward.

vaguely remembers, the immigrant of his homeland

life with in a sequence,

the chain of events descending

a miracle un even.

might it be that I've collapsed within

an inverted double helix,

foretold so many times before a coward swells at once

a merit to whom it may concern

at least i hope they still stay firm

in keeping me from my promised destine companionship,

fort caterpillar,

i miss your vegetarian state.

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