Pardon My French Toast

Word Play

you've forgotten the essential's

while the annoying plastic alarm clock

wakes you from your imaginary utopia.

Liberal's with their generic toothbrushes

convenient and travel sized.

"We all grew up on mc-arthur"- said the commercial.

and i believe you.

so I'll put it in my back pocket for later.


we all need ziplock bags

whether we deal drugs,

make sandwiches or transfer gold fish

from one tank to another.

The fresh bread is in the bakery

and the costumers are lined up

at the complain booths



Mechanical dream huts and

peppermint squeeze tubes.

Nestle milk chocolate and

vapor rub magazine issues,

sitting atop a caddy cornered desk

in the waiting room.

The scented perfume

of the mid aged receptionist

it's your turn to be pricked by the doctor


Latex mini blinds, and remote control freaks.

the fugitive covers all the corner with,

his truth inside the 20 bag.

By only a paper clip your pages are held together

Neatly, individualized just like you visualized.

coffee spilt on your latest report that

determines your victory.


applaud the mistress

she's destroyed another family,

there will be a pair of husbands testicles this year,

and not candy canes atop the Christmas tree

deep inside the cushions,

the frito lay chip crumbs accumulate,

while your guests compliment the crown molding

between the walls, and the ceiling.

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