Like Tooth Decay

Word Play

as the licorice flourishes,

within the attachment tendrils,

of the petroleum  flame.

A hamburger festival's,

capitalistic emergency warning,

penetrates through,

a Mongolian stray.

the vengeful cliche

in it's most familiar way

separates the determining peppermint patty

that clogs the Bulgarian drain


Metal rose pedals, and brass.

simulated affection translated through,

the floatation device.

arthritic mcarthur factory's,

osteoporosis disfigurement,

in a  chocolate wheelchair.

the spearmint rhinoceros's

wax pole  dollar bill deeds,

behind the dark figures

a Happy Morning Condom Factory


vending machines that vend

individually packaged prostitutes

on every street corner replacing

Vacant pay phone booths.

reaching without

the Prophylactic Eyehead

Twisting Ligneous,

an Ornamental Grape Bone

dreams dreamt by

self regulated drug induced coma's

the lobby room with magazines,

and Helpline laminated poster's.

carvings of boredom

on the wooden waiting chairs

Diffuse Vertigo Jenny's sleep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a compilated assortment of dreams

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