His Oath

Horror, And Gloom

perhaps another clue

  as to where she might live.

  he found an address in her purse

  but It was badly writ.

nearly indecipherable,

but he, thought he'd knew the way,

they were lost in the woods

and So the woods is where they stayed.


  Cold, she was clammy.

  Sad, she was grim.

  he offered an apology,

  but she ignored his worded whims.

they were nearly strangers

still he, touched her puzzled face.

brought her to a lake,

and washed the red away.


  he'd imagine she would thank him

  though, the silence filled instead.

  he tried to get her home,

  and return her to her bed.

because there is a rule-

that he'd try to always keep.

when he kills his women he return them

to the place where they'd sleep.

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