Poop Poem


Hard Working Little Elves

i always wondered why that ..

every time i pooped.

there was food that came out with it,

had it missed the digestion tube?

somehow it mysteriously was cloned or...

had i mistakenly swallowed it whole?

it became something that i thought about

and i desperately needed to know

like that of corn for instance...

I'll chew and chew and chew..

but when i poop it out..

its shiny and brand new.....

not a mark or broken piece

there in mint condition shape

so i did some research and

a discovery was made

theres hard working elves in there

who work all day and week

they assemble broken kernels shells

and shine them til their neat

i know this for a fact now

i have to spread the news

so when corn comes out pretty

you wont be so confused

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ok...every portfolio deserves a Poop poem, if you don't think it's funny..then lighten up...:)

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