Broke 2; A Nation Begs For Change

Camp ground stomp, confederate flag.

A pinnacle of disgust.

Soiled promises,promiscuous adolescence.

deformity, cumbust.

School Girl uniforms are trademarks of porn,

Hand guns issued to teenage  kids

Molesting the Masses

Catholic Pastors with their drool caked bibs.


250 square  Miles of paper tree, timbers annually.

Printing King James bibles For hotel rooms

While chief executives loosen their pin stripe ties

cheating on their beautiful at home wife's

with a diseased out door prostitute


the crooked physicians write prescriptions

for disoreders that don't exist,

but our youth gets their hands on it,

ultimately relying on, to get their fix.

As the gas station attendant makes

her minimum wage shift,

poking holes in condoms with needles,

smiling at the costumers who buy them.

Revenge at it's wit's.


There's inner-racial relationships

And homosexuals have disposable income

until that is they decide to adopt children,

and the kid gets confused in class

trying to explain where baby's come from.


In the 60's, hippies

were there with their peace signs,

but now their signs say homeless

and they crowd our street sides.

YMCA's are supposed to be a safe haven to roam.

But it's also the parking lot

where dealers meet to make rent money

and users wait to shoot dope.


from eating heath plants, to taking diet pills,

they say  the weight loss plans do the trick,

but the only people i see drinking diet Pepsi's

are fat chicks

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