Blue Detergent

Word Play

Art that comes from the heart

attacking the aortic valves

that determines

whether the next day

will indeed start,


but to despair the grieve

of the dearly department store.

(i do hereby clarify to acknowledge)

each cheerio for they are only doughnut seeds

  may my ranch dressing find you


She holds in her hands

the sparklers representing

the prostitute mother

who stands beside her,

I watch her.

Mistletoe Tuesdays at the laundry mat,

put the key under the rock,

fold your clothes with me.


her contractions were closer

as the night dug deeper

into the foldgers coffee cans

buried under the house ,

where the others lay

without social security Numbers


mustard stains and candy rain

produce a firey brimstone.

paper calculators, and etch a sketch

blue prints to life

wire clip combinations

open the safe in danger

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