After Another

I've been dreaming of Mary,

and speaking with Sarah,

as I'm writing to Jenny,

i'll be kissing on Kara.

All in their twenties

O, theres hardly a day-

I'm alone without someone,

to call out and play.

but sadly, you know me.

that's far from the fact's.

Those people I've mentioned,

are just friends of the past.

Mary's, now  married

and, Sarah's a mute.

Jenny can't read,

and Kara's confused.

The truth is, I'm tired!

of playing those games.

Trust should be Solid.

not partial, and plain.

To spare you my sorrow,

don't worry, it heals.

No, i'll never replace you

cuz, i'll find love that's real.

So keep Charlie boy, closely.

For it's Danny that can,

make David your re-bound,

as you whisper to Sam.

Though let me just wish you

some warmth down the road.

when your firey lure,

leaves you lonely, and cold.

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