A Cottage Cheese Future

how simple it's been, to have at the door,

a man who brings milk,to leave at the floor,

and now that's gone, i wonder and  say

"how simple to have, trust in those days."

If now had it been, like then at the time,

the man with milk would carry a pistol beside.

Sadly through change, and political wars,

an innocence was lost, and mostly ignored.

Schools were more willing. The teacher's were paid.

The people bore smiles, when taxes were made.

Sounds of inventions they soared through the airs.

Church was so popular, the whole town was there.

Sadly again that's all been erased,

the only inventions, are bombs these days.

The school yards corrupted, and broken in two.

and churches themselves, question faith to be true.

Have people forgotten? i surely hope not,

in fact i believe, that our futures at cost.

Acknowledging our means, and helping with hands

I've been born in the era where, Peace is a scam.

the hope may be dormant, but it's active inside.

As the failure that's grown, replaces the pride.

Front doors are locked.Our neighborhoods circled.

The milk has expired, and has long since Curdled.

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