Word Play

Corner bought supermarket stores are the arguable examples,

that denote the questionable hunters

who still kill, to eat food.

Although he'd counter your impulse with,

(a newer skillful you.)

One who lives off the land,

who and occasionally sees an air balloon.

But out  of  irrelevancy or just lack of amuse i,

suggest ill just start  following

this guy in the air balloon

because while wandering into a write so incredibly cheap

do i stick do i know < ok this lines deleted.

sammy's  tinfoil message boats were as random as he

had a door inside his mother where she  kept a golden brush

she washed a way home when he moved to the keys.

and he was shot by a hunter was trying to

-get' em sum lunch.

see, sammy had a thing where he'd think he could be

any of his friends at any time so....

no wait, see that's where i did it again

hallelujah baraka salma

a moon, a steak, a dream.

ginger fortress bread of life

coligulas plesure

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