One Nation Under Central Air Conditiong

I pledge allegiance, to the paraplegics

for using pay phone that costs an arm and a leg.

Because Sprint makes cell phones so small,

you can almost loose them in your head.

Freedom With no rights

except, the right to remain silent

and nervous every time your pulled over

by the chump in a blue uniform.

The right to feel violent,

because we still cannot find osama bin laden,

while preparing a list of names

for the the next tropical storm.

We support our troops now, but in 50 years

when they're holding a cardboard sign.

The word "Veteran" converts to "Vagrant"

then they aren't worth a moments time.

The price of artificial limbs  sky rocketing,

because men are amputated every day.

It's a wonder how proud we should feel

when there's taxes to pay.

cancer patients pursue treatments

and they cannot even smoke a joint to ease the pain,

meanwhile the feds let the distribution

of large amounts of cocaine continue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the Revised version of (Glimpse)

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