Do Destinguish Tiffany


(Do Distinguish Tiffany)


The remaining melted fragments,

exposing artificial love.

The existing broken mirror,

poising evidence enough.


A descending, crystal sail boat.

in a brazen, chocolate sky

flew beside a morning where,

her diamonds swallowed lies.


Avoided confrontations,

finding comforting repair.

Confessions in the box springs,

as the mattress manors tear.


Beside a flock of sorry's,

where the heron brought a spoon.

Force feeding guilty some-how's

to a jeweler's new born chew.


As her windy calculators,

divide the many stilling lengths.

An eventual portioned vision sweeps,

the sheets from off their planks.


And bathrooms catch on fire,

where reflection shelf's collapse.

Dripping, many secret plastics,

leaving only shards of glass.

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