Off White

I don't want you to touch me.

Not my mind, flesh, or soul.

Your touch sets me a blaze but always leaves me cold.

My skin craves your fingers. 

My limbs fit perfectly into your palms.

Your heartbeat soothes me in a way that only babies understand whilst inside the womb. 

Your member fits into my exclusive hide out in a way only our creator can explain. 

Back and forth up and down you claim my every moan and outcry as your fault.

Every pull, thrust, and slap a requested assault. 

Don't stop don't stop don't stop I know you must. 

But please for this momentary lapse of judgement unguarded we intertwine and 

Taking the Lord's name in vain is all that's in my mind. 

I just want you to...Wait slow down..remain mine. 

Ok whatever you want it's yours. 

I think your name may be engraved on my please don't talk. 

I can't even dream of another this must be some sort of spell. 

My body is vibrating, my limbs shake, how many times I came I can't tell. 

I just know as good as I'm feeling this is something I can't tell.

Not to you, you have too much power over me already. 

You don't need to know that if you wanted, you could have me any moment at any accessible time and place. 

No one man should have all that power, yetI am your Betty Shabazz. 

Do with me what you must but please don't make it fast. 

If you can't take your sweet time and love me til the last drop.

Please don't touch. 

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